Benefits Committee

Committee members serve three-year terms; chairs serve two-year terms.

Marianne Bertrand, Chair 2016 Chicago Booth
Marianne Bertrand 2016 Chicago Booth (faculty)
Krista Cooley 2017 Safety (Staff)
Todd Henderson 2017 Law (Faculty)
Chris Faraone 2018 Classics (faculty)
Vera Dragisich 2018 Chemistry (Other academic appointee)
Heidi Coleman 2018 Theater and Performance Studies (Other academic appointee)
Ted Karrison 2018 Public Health Studies (Other academic appointee)
Courtney Davis 2018 Risk Management (staff)
G. Christopher Jones 2018 Laboratory Schools (staff)
Michael Knitter Acting Associate Vice President for Human Resources, ex officio
Ingrid Gould Associate Provost for Faculty and Student Affairs, ex officio

Please direct questions or updates to:
Cindy Sullivan