Benefits Committee

Committee members serve three-year terms; chairs serve two-year terms.

Marianne Bertrand, Chair 2016 Chicago Booth
Gavin Hougham 2015 Medicine (Office of Academic Affairs)
Megan McNulty 2015 Biological Sciences Collegiate Division (Office of Academic Affairs)
Byron Nash 2015 IT Services (Staff)
Meishan Zhao 2015 Chemistry (Office of Academic Affairs)
Krista Cooley 2017 Safety (Staff)
Todd Henderson 2017 Law (Faculty)
Ingrid Gould Assoc Provost for Faculty and Student Affairs, ex officio
Rich Iorio VP and Chief Human Resources Officer, ex officio
Michael Knitter Exec. Dir. of Benefits and Employment HR, ex officio

Please direct questions or updates to:
Cindy Sullivan