The Committee on Campus Planning

Ivan Moskowitz, Chair 2015 Pediatrics
John Brehm 2014 Political Science
Laurie Butler 2014 Chemistry
Michael Gibbs 2014 Booth
Edward Kibblewhite 2014 Astronomy
John Wootton 2014 Ecology & Evolution
Ivan Moskowitz 2015 Pediatrics
Steve Collins 2016 SALC
Kristen Jacobson 2016 Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience
Robert J. Zimmer President, ex officio
Thomas F. Rosenbaum Provost, ex officio
Stephen Wiesenthal Associate Vice President for Facilities Services and University Architect, ex officio
Blair Archambeau Associate Provost for Planning, ex-officio
tbd Student Liaison tbd

Please direct questions or updates to:
Vicki Aitchison