The Committee on Intellectual Property

Year indicates term end date.

Steven Sibener, Chair 2017 Chemistry
Adrian Johns 2016 History
Paul Nealey 2016 Institute for Molecular Engineering
Ulrike Stark 2016 South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Mark Zmiejewski 2016 Chicago Booth
Steven Sibener 2017 Chemistry
Stuart Kurtz 2018 Computer Science
Funmi Olopade 2018 Medicine
Jeffrey Hubbell 2018 Institute for Molecular Engineering
Robert J. Zimmer President, ex officio
Eric D. Isaacs Provost, ex officio
Kathie Koch Interim Associate Vice President & Chief Information Technology Officer, IT Services, ex-officio
Ron Thisted Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, ex officio
Stephen H. Gabel Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, ex officio

Please direct questions or updates to:
Cindy Sullivan