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Office of Civic Engagement

The University of Chicago
Edward H. Levi Hall, Suite 102
5801 South Ellis Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637
Phone: 773.702.7547


Derek R. B. Douglas
Vice President for Civic Engagement
Phone: 773.702.3627

Amar Parikh
Chief of Staff, Office of Civic Engagement
Phone: 773-834-3793

Sonya Malunda
Senior Associate Vice President, Community Engagement
Phone: 773.702.4568

Trudy Vincent
Associate Vice President, Federal Relations
1730 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW; Suite 275
Washington, DC, 20006
Phone: 202.461.3491

William Towns
Assistant Vice President, Neighborhood Initiatives
Phone: 773.702.6347

Staff Directory

Joshua Anderson
Assistant Director, Neighborhood Initiatives
Phone: 773-834-4491

Mary Ellen Angelucci
Executive Assistant to the Vice President
Phone: 773.702.6815

Lisa Ballard
Executive Assistant to the Senior Associate Vice President
Phone: 773.702.1317

Alaina Beverly
Director of Urban Affairs, Office of Federal Relations
Phone: 202.461.3494

Calmetta Coleman
Director of Communications for Civic Engagement
Phone: 773.702.4254

Matthew Greenwald
Deputy Director, Federal Relations
1730 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW; Suite 275, Suite 275
Washington, DC, 20006
Phone: 202.461.3483

Edmond Lee
Director of Finance and Operations, Civic Engagement
Phone: 773.702.2667

Nika Levando
Executive Assistant to the Assistant Vice President, Neighborhood Initiatives
Phone: 773.702.9123

Dovetta McKee
Director, Special Programs and College Preparation
Phone: 773.702.8288

Rudy Nimocks
Director, Community Partnerships
Phone: 773.324.6926

Shaz Rasul
Director, Community Programs
Phone: 773.702.8803

Seth Sanders
Assistant Director, Civic Partnerships
Phone: 773.702.6422

Sarah Sheehan
Director, University Initiatives
Phone: 773.702.6070

Myla Skinner
Director, Workforce and Business Development
Phone: 773.702.4032

Joanna Trotter
Director of Place-Based Initiatives
Phone: 773.702.6062

Kate Von Holle
Director of Federal Research Development
Phone: 202.461.3493

Kristie Weliver
Assistant Director for Workforce Development
Phone: 773-834-0614

Wendy Walker Williams
Executive Director, South East Chicago Commission
Phone: 773.324.6926