Economic Impact and Jobs

An economic anchor

Together with the University of Chicago Medicine and two national laboratories that we manage for the U.S. Department of Energy—Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory—the University of Chicago is an intellectual destination and an economic engine. Through research and scholarship, community development, and direct contributions to the economy, these institutions add to the vitality of local communities, the city of Chicago, and beyond.

The University of Chicago constitutes one of the largest private employers in Chicago and the largest single employer on Chicago’s South Side. Most of our employees live nearby, putting their housing and shopping dollars to work for our community—and enhancing our community’s quality of life.

A commitment to diversity

The University of Chicago is an equal-opportunity employer, with a diverse staff and faculty representing a variety of skills, training, and specializations. We are committed to creating opportunities for minority- and women-owned businesses and to fostering the development of the South Side business community.

Job support

Through the Career Pathways Initiative, we’ve worked with the City of Chicago and the Cara Program to help more than 200 area residents find lasting employment, on campus and throughout the city.

A thriving community

The University is committed to enhancing the quality of life in local neighborhoods, working with community-based organizations to improve the area’s housing, retail, parks, and public facilities. For example, we’re working with the city and community groups to turn the 53rd Street retail district into a vibrant, mixed-use main street. To advance its goal to support a stronger mid-South Side, the University and University of Chicago Medical Center offer financial incentives for homebuyers and renters through an Employer-Assisted Housing Program, to encourage employees to live in the nine neighborhoods surrounding campus.

A technology innovator

The University’s Office of Technology & Intellectual Property works with faculty, students, and staff to create a bridge between cutting-edge research and the business expertise that can put new ideas to work, improving lives and fueling the economy.