Student Advisory Committee for Civic Engagement

2014-2015 Student Advisory Committee Selection

To apply for a position on the 2014-2015 committee, please submit the following documents by June 6, 2014:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter describing your interest in serving on the Committee
  • Two references

As a component of the University’s civic engagement initiatives, OCE is seeking a dynamic and diverse cohort of students (undergraduate and graduate) interested in gaining increased knowledge and expertise regarding the University’s goals for wide-ranging civic engagement initiatives across the community, the city, and the nation.

The Office of Civic Engagement at the University of Chicago has a diverse portfolio of initiatives and programs that are designed to foster greater civic and community engagement. We are actively working in partnership with neighboring communities, the city, the region, nation, and globe to advance urban economic development, enhance the quality of life for residents, and enrich the work of University faculty and students through research, education, and direct engagement.

Specific OCE initiatives, programs, and projects include:

  • Identifying opportunities to engage locally in partnership with others to positively impact the quality of life in neighboring communities in areas, including education, public safety, and economic development. OCE also collaborates with University stakeholders and neighbors on the design, planning, and construction of campus facilities as well as off-campus projects owned by the University.
  • Serving as the University’s liaison to the City of Chicago, State of Illinois, and Federal government as well as to community and civic organizations locally, regionally, and nationally. OCE actively builds sustainable partnerships through a portfolio of capacity building, knowledge-sharing, and programming initiatives.
  • Supporting research and innovations across the University with the potential to create new opportunities for social and economic development in Chicago and beyond.
  • Contributing to building and realizing a shared vision of the South Side as a vibrant place to live, work, and attend school and as a destination for arts and culture.
  • Providing direct service to the broader Chicago community through the administration of six education-related programs, impacting hundreds of local residents and more than 50 community-based institutions and schools. These programs are the Neighborhood Schools Program, Collegiate Scholars, the Office of Special Programs/Upward Bound, Jumpstart, Gear-Up, and College Bridge. OCE also collaborates with many faculty, staff, and student-led direct service outreach programs across the University.

The Committee is charged with:

  • Providing a student voice to help shape civic engagement priorities, special events, and university-community engagement initiatives.
  • Facilitating communication and the active involvement of a wide range of student voices on community engagement issues that can provide a wide range of thought and ideas to foster greater collaboration and partnership between the University and the community.
  • Advising the Vice President for Civic Engagement on student concerns as it relates to the University’s interaction and relations with its local community, the city, and the region.
  • Strengthening the connections and communication between the Office of Civic Engagement and the many student-led community initiatives across the campus.

Member Responsibilities

  • Attend the majority of meetings each quarter and active participation in civic engagement functions to remain in good standing.
  • Act as ambassadors for the Office of Civic Engagement to the greater student body.
  • Relay relevant concerns from students to OCE.
  • Evaluate the success of OCE’s current initiatives and recommend ways to incorporate students.
  • Work in collaborative group projects outside of regular meeting times with Committee members on key focus areas regarding student and civic engagement.


Any currently registered student at the University of Chicago is eligible to join the Committee.

The Committee Membership Structure

The Committee will be comprised of 12 students from across the University of Chicago. General requirements are:

  • Outstanding communication at all levels, with the ability to present information clearly and concisely using a number of presentation methods.
  • High level of commitment during the term, including monthly meetings, special projects, and other responsibilities as required.
  • Ability to articulate concerns and issues representing both their school or organization and the general student body.
  • Attendance at the majority of meetings each quarter and active participation in civic engagement functions to remain in good standing.
  • Ability to interact successfully with staff, faculty, students, and members of local communities and their constituent groups to develop, implement, and improve surrounding communities through education and community partnerships. 

Time Commitment

Unless excused beforehand, Committee members will be expected to take part in all of the Committee’s meetings. The full group will meet approximately once a month over the course of the 2014-2015 school year, in addition to group project discussions and special events as they come up.