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A lifetime championing civil rights

South Side activist and educator Timuel Black, AM’54, continues to inspire at age 95
Homepage 10.20.2014

UChicago alumnus Timuel Black

Rescuing endangered native languages

Linguist Lenore Grenoble says language loss threatens global cultural legacies
Homepage 10.13.2014

Evenki.dancers perform

A commitment to financial aid and career support

No Barriers initiative ends student loans for undergraduates; College enhances Odyssey Scholarships
Homepage 10.01.2014

First year UChicago student Nushrat Jahan with her parents Reshma Begum, left, and Abdus Sarker, right.

New students exude UChicago pride

College first-years find inspiration in campus community
Homepage 09.29.2014

Incoming UChicago students from left: Higinio Vazquez; Jaeda Branch; Shelby Spence; Luke Clohisy out by 31st Street Beach