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Philosopher challenges conventional study of mind

Jesse Prinz, PhD’97, skeptical of biological accounts of human emotions, morals, and culture
Homepage 07.21.2014

UChicago's Jesse Prinz, PhD’97, a distinguished professor of philosophy at the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

Study abroad creates scenes of discovery

College students share cultural adventures through photo, video, and essay contests
Homepage 07.07.2014

UChicago student picture from Cinque Terre, Italy

Neuroscience seeks sense of touch

Asst. Prof. Sliman Bensmaia's research fuels goal of touch-sensitive prosthetics
Homepage 06.30.2014

Robotic hand shakes human hand

Convocation affirms common bonds

Prof. Kerwin Charles says 'a particular habit of mind' unites graduates
Homepage 06.14.2014

SSA graduates celebrate as they are introduced during Convocation.