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New students exude UChicago pride

College first-years find inspiration in campus community
Homepage 09.29.2014

Incoming UChicago students from left: Higinio Vazquez; Jaeda Branch; Shelby Spence; Luke Clohisy out by 31st Street Beach

UChicago community welcomes Class of 2018

Orientation Week introduces incoming undergraduate, graduate students to College traditions
Homepage 09.22.2014

Hugo Sonnenschein, president emeritus and the Adam Smith Distinguished Service Professor of Economics, delivers the Colloquia in the Green Room at Hitchcock Hall.

Massive hunter prowled water’s edge

UChicago collaboration rediscovers African dinosaur Spinosaurus, 9 feet longer than T. rex
Homepage 09.11.2014

Flesh model of Spinosaurus

Center in Paris celebrates first decade

Anniversary events highlight UChicago’s growing global engagement
Homepage 09.03.2014

The Metro passes over Pont de Bercy near the University of Chicago's Center in Paris along the River Seine.