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Hall of Fame astronaut looks to future of space science

John Grunsfeld, SM’84, PhD’88, recalls how UChicago trained him for NASA
Homepage 06.29.2015

UChicago alum and astronaut John Grunsfeld

Find ‘joy in the making’ no matter the discipline

University of Chicago graduates embark on next journey
Homepage 06.13.2015

Drawing inspiration from the classroom

Quantrell Award winners excel in teaching undergraduates
Homepage 06.01.2015

Matt Briones, associate professor of American History, leads a class of undergrads.

Honoring graduate teachers and mentors

Students learn about life, scholarship from award-winning faculty
Homepage 06.01.2015

Andrew J. Campbell, associate professor mineral physics, cosmochemistry, in his Hinds Lab with grad students Lilly Thomson, left, and Bethany Chidester.