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Law students step into leadership

Pioneering Kapnick program builds teamwork skills
Homepage 07.28.2015

Participants collaborate on the 'spiderweb' task at the retreat. 

Cultural partners infuse youth with arts

UChicago arts leaders collaborate with schools on K-12 arts education program
Homepage 07.21.2015

Booker Vance-Court Theatre

Taking a molecular approach to water scarcity

UChicago, Argonne scientists lead global research initiative with Israel
Homepage 07.13.2015

Part of the Pictured Rocks area in Michigan's Upper Peninsula at Miner's Beach

Hall of Fame astronaut looks to future of space science

John Grunsfeld, SM’84, PhD’88, recalls how UChicago trained him for NASA
Homepage 06.29.2015

UChicago alum and astronaut John Grunsfeld