With a commitment to free and open inquiry, our scholars take an interdisciplinary approach to research that spans arts to engineering, medicine to education. Their work transforms the way we understand the world, advancing fields of study, and often creating new ones. Generating new knowledge for the benefit of present and future generations, UChicago research has had an impact around the globe, leading to such breakthroughs as discovering the link between cancer and genetics, establishing revolutionary theories of economics, and developing tools to produce reliably excellent urban schooling.

Research News

Octopus skin inspires engineers to develop programmable ‘camouflaging’ material

October 19, 2017—This week, engineers report on their invention of stretchable surfaces with programmable 3-D texture morphing, a synthetic “camouflaging skin” inspired by studying and modeling the real thing in octopus and cuttlefish.

Exascale and the city

October 17, 2017—The Argonne-led Multiscale Coupled Urban Systems project aims to help city planners better examine complex systems, understand the relationships between them and predict how changes will affect them. The ultimate goal is to help officials identify the best solutions to benefit urban communities.

Research by Sociologist Forrest Stuart Explains How to Talk to Gang Members

October 16, 2017—Forrest Stuart’s current project—working title “Hashtags and Handguns”—focuses on poverty, violence, social media, and hip-hop on Chicago’s South Side. During a year of intense fieldwork, Stuart discovered that music and social media play a significant part in the city’s “balkanized gang violence.”

Modeling an Asymptomatic Epidemic

October 16, 2017—An innovative new partnership between the Computation Institute/Argonne National Laboratory, Loyola University Medical Center (LUMC), and the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) will combine rich epidemiological and biological data with agent-based modeling to test hepatitis C prevention and treatment strategies in silico, simulating the activity of 32,000 people who inject drugs in the Chicagoland area.

Globus Expands Data Services to Accelerate Secure Cancer Research

October 13, 2017—With a $4.7 million grant from the National Cancer Institute, the University of Chicago’s Globus and leading cancer researchers at University of Chicago Medicine will build new protected cancer research networks that enable collaborations while keeping sensitive health data secure and private.