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Research News

Conference examines consequences of criminal activity eviction from public housing

June 11, 2015—A recent conference at the University of Chicago brought together legal experts, housing advocates and leaders of faith-based organizations to examine how a little-known federal policy can be used to deny public housing to anyone with an arrest record.

John Carlstrom to receive Gruber Cosmology Prize for experimental explorations of universe

June 10, 2015—The 2015 Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize has honored the University of Chicago’s John E. Carlstrom, alumnus Jeremiah P. Ostriker, PhD’64, and Princeton University’s Lyman Page for their individual and collective contributions to the study of the universe on the largest scales.

Edes Prize winner explores contrasts in Xilitla, Mexico

June 9, 2015—Composer, performer and multimedia artist Francisco Castillo Trigueros, PhD’13, refers to his winning proposal for the 2015 Claire Rosen & Samuel Edes Prize for Emerging Artists as a song cycle that will depict the town of Xilitla in the mountainous Huasteca region of Mexico.

Giant Magellan Telescope’s international partners approve start of construction phase

June 3, 2015—The Giant Magellan Telescope Organization announced today that its 11 international partners, which includes the University of Chicago, have committed more than $500 million to begin construction of the first of a new generation of extremely large telescopes. Once it is built, the Giant Magellan Telescope is poised to be the largest optical telescope in the world.

UChicago Medicine to lead collaborative research center on premature birth

June 3, 2015—Preterm birth is a critical health problem in the United States, despite modern technology and the vast medical knowledge about premature babies. While the critical challenges facing babies born before 37 weeks are known and well documented, it is not understood what causes a woman to go prematurely into labor.