Kennedy Center for Mental Retardation

The Joseph P. Kennedy Mental Retardation Research Center ( Kennedy Center) was established to promote collaborative research in the causes, prevention and treatment of mental retardation and developmental disabilities. The members are a multidisciplinary group of scientists who have active research programs in areas related to understanding brain function and the cause of developmental abnormalities. The Center’s research under the general rubric of mental retardation and developmental disabilities currently focus mainly on studies of mechanisms of neurodegeneration which affect brain development and function, skeletal dysplasias which affect growth and maturation, and signaling pathways which affect migration and differentiation. The overall research grant support is awarded mostly by NIH and this year’s grants total well over $1,000,000 in direct costs. The Kennedy Center provides rigorous training to young researchers, clinicians and students through a variety of programs and tailors research programs based on the interest of the individual researcher.

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