Panel on Unlawful Harassment

Panel Member Term Ending School/Department
Nancy Schwartz, Chair 2020 Pediatrics
Robert Gertner 2020 Chicago Booth
Julia Henly 2021 SSA
Heinrich Jaeger 2021 Physics
Student Ombudsperson ex officio
Ingrid Gould Associate Provost, ex-officio
Bridget Collier Associate Provost, ex-officio

The purpose of the Panel on Unlawful Harassment (the “Panel”) is to adjudicate matters related to faculty, other academic appointees, or postdoctoral researchers under the Policy on Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct.

The Panel consists of at least four members of the faculty and the Student Ombudsperson serves as a non-voting member. The Provost appoints one of the members as Chair of the Panel. Panel members serve staggered, three-year terms.  The Associate Provost for Equal Opportunity Programs serves as the primary staff to the Panel and as an ex-officio member.

Please direct questions or updates to:
Bridget Collier