Safety Awareness Program

The University’s Safety Awareness Program was established in 1992 based on the recommendations of a taskforce composed of students, faculty, and staff. In 2008, the program was reviewed by and has been enhanced based on the recommendations of the Campus Safety and Security Committee. The program has several components, including a Public Safety Notification system. The system is designed to change and impact behavior in order to prevent injury or harm and to prevent or reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a crime. The notification system is three-tiered:

  1. Aggregate crime data, identification of trends, and safety education materials are available on this website. Most incidents of crime will be communicated here.
  2. Serious incidents of crime will be communicated via a timely e-mail message to the campus and to community members who are registered for security alerts. Security alerts will be infrequent and reserved for the most serious incidents of crime in which a community threat is perceived. When issued, the security alerts briefly describe what happened, when and where it occurred, and only describe the offender if the victim’s description of the offender is sufficiently detailed. These alerts do not identify the victim by name, exact address, or affiliation, nor do they report domestic crimes or crimes where the victim knows the offender. Concerns about privacy should not discourage people from reporting crimes. In addition to being posted to this website, the Alerts are posted on 20 designated bulletin boards around campus. They are removed from the security bulletin boards within several days but will remain on the website indefinitely.
  3. The cAlert system is the most extensive emergency alert system. University students, faculty and staff members may register for cAlert by visiting The cAlert system will be used to send phone calls, e-mail and text messages to all registered individuals in the event of a significant emergency, one which requires individuals to take urgent and immediate action to protect their health and safety.

For a full description of the University’s Safety Awareness Program, visit the University’s Common Sense website.