Center for Chronic Disease Research and Policy

The Center for Chronic Disease Research and Policy (CDRP) was founded in 2012 with the mission of improving the care and health of individuals at risk for and suffering with chronic diseases.

The overall goal of the Center is to address the most fundamental research questions facing developed countries that have growing populations with multiple chronic diseases, such as diabetes. The costs of chronic diseases are a source of the unsustainable growth of governmental health care budgets and all countries are trying to provide more high-quality care for their people within budgetary constraints. To help address these questions, the Center has a unique range of research that includes the development of innovations for preventing and treating chronic diseases, evaluations of the economic and policy implications of those innovations, and linkages of these findings to the study of broader health care policies. The purpose of this research is to not only directly improve the care and health of the individual patient we see in clinic through care innovations, but to influence the policies that affect the financing and organization of care that ultimately determine whether innovations can be adopted.