Center for Multiscale Theory and Simulation

The Center for Multiscale Theory and Simulation (CMTS) at the University of Chicago has several main goals.

(1) Develop a rigorous theoretical and computational methodology to describe biomolecular systems at multiple length and time scales. (2) Couple the atomistic, coarse-grained, and mesoscopic scales in a multiscale fashion to reach the scales relevant to cellular biology (3)Develop and implement a novel cyberinfrastructure in the form of a computational workbench for scalable and distributed multiscale simulations. (4) Apply the multiscale theoretical and simulation methods as a case study to eukaryotic actin-based networks and key associated proteins.  They have made Innovations in computational software will be disseminated publicly and implemented in the industrial setting through partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.  CMTS uses an educational and training plan that involves co-mentoring, new undergraduate and graduate curricula, workshops to disseminate our scientific advances, and supplemental student/postdoc training.