Center for Research in Security Prices

Since 1960, CRSP has provided research-quality data to scholarly researchers and advanced the body of knowledge in finance, economics and related disciplines. Today, nearly 500 leading academic institutions in 35 countries rely on CRSP data for academic research and to support classroom instructions.

Investment practitioners rely on CRSP data to backtest strategies and to benchmark investment performance. More information about these unique and highly regarded datasets can be found in the Research Products section.

The CRSP Indexes are investable indexes that include cap-based, industry sector and value-growth indexes. Sixteen of these indexes have been selected by Vanguard as their new benchmarks for US Equity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). More information on the investable indexes can be found in the Investment Products section.

CRSP, Center for Research in Security Prices, is committed to continued success, innovation and excellence. On January 1, 2020, we officially announced our reorganization and became a limited liability company. Center for Research in Security Prices, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Chicago. CRSP retains a strong affiliation to the both the University of Chicago and its Booth School of Business.