Paleogeographic Atlas Project

The Paleogeographic Atlas Project (PGAP) has existed as research enterprise at The University of Chicago since 1975 when Shell Oil provided initial funding to Alfred (Fred) M. Ziegler.

The Atlas project compiled extensive databases useful for the purpose of creating state-of-the-art global paleogeographic reconstructions. Most of these databases are currently curated by Allister Rees, a former PGAP research associate through PaleoIntegration Project web site. The Atlas of maps originally envisioned by Fred Ziegler was never completed but various components were and this page provides partial access to those maps. Other sets of maps, at least in part based on databases and reconstructions produced by PGAP can be found at former students’ websites, including Chris Scotese and Paul Markwick. I am currently trying to obtain NSF support for reinvigorating the Paleogeographic Atlas Project with the specific aim of completing Fred’s original vision of an Atlas of Interactive Paleogeographic Maps comprising 15 stage length time slices from the Mesozoic and Cenozoic.