Stevanovich Center

The Stevanovich Center advances the understanding of the increasingly complex world of financial markets by integrating mathematics, statistics, and economics.

The Center brings together leading academic researchers and financial professionals whose insights from daily experience in the markets can help translate theory into improved practice. This interaction will lead to more sophisticated tools to address challenges that range from analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting massive data sets, to building more accurate, tractable, and robust models to measure, price, and hedge risk.

The Center holds workshops and conferences, publishes papers, and disseminates presentations via internet. The Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics announces the Stevanovich Student Fellowship in Quantitative Finance. The 2011/12 fellowship is open to applicants who are Ph.D. students at the University of Chicago in Economics, Mathematics or Statistics and who work on novel techniques in Financial Econometrics/Statistics and/or Financial Mathematics, or mathematics or econometrics/statistics that could lead to applications to finance and economics.

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