TMW Center for Early Learning + Public Health

The TMW Center for Early Learning + Public Health, a joint venture between the University’s Biological Sciences and Social Sciences Divisions, was founded by Dr. Dana Suskind and Dr. John List.

The goal of the TMW Center is to create a population-level shift in knowledge and behavior of parents and caregivers in order to optimize foundational brain development in children, birth to five years of age, particularly those born into poverty.

Science has identified parents and caregivers as key contributors to foundational brain development, but most early childhood efforts focus on children rather than the adults in their lives. Parents and caregivers are an untapped resource with the incentive and capacity to make a significant difference. The TMW Center develops evidence-based interventions that enable them to impact foundational brain development.

To reach as many children and families as efficiently and effectively as possible, the TMW Center is committed to developing new approaches to scaling and using rigorous scientific methods to ensure that parent and caregiver interventions yield strong outcomes in the real world.