Features Archive: 2008

December Homepage Features

New Rockefeller dean extends chapel’s embrace

Elizabeth Davenport hopes to create a center for religious and spiritual inquiry.
Homepage 12.22.2008

Elizabeth Davenport

Law renovation reflects modern vision

Ambitious design focuses on student needs, draws national attention.
Homepage 12.15.2008

law school

Nambu receives Nobel medal, diploma

Special ceremony in Chicago honors University physicist
Homepage 12.10.2008

UChicago Prof. Yoichiro Nambu, 2008 Nobel Prize winner in Physics

Fossil flowers prove to be a fertile field

Paleontologist discovers blossoming plant diversity in 100-million-year-old specimens.
Homepage 12.08.2008

Sire Peter Crane

Where language meets music

A guitarist-turned-associate professor explores the intersection of disciplines in 'cognitive musicology'
Homepage 12.01.2008

Larry Zbikowski

November Homepage Features

The sisters who sparked SSA

In its centennial year, the school celebrates the Abbotts' deep legacy.
Homepage 11.24.2008

SSA sisters

Science meets art and the sparks fly

Cutting-edge research and technology combine with artistic imagination and creativity in exhibition
Homepage 11.17.2008

Jesse Seay

October Homepage Features

Campus community counts down to election

Members of the campus community are focusing intently on Tuesday’s landmark presidential election.
Homepage 10.31.2008

Supporters cast shadows on a U.S. flag.

South Side Story: The bike tour

Over 100 students, faculty and Hyde Park residents participated in the South Side History Bike Tour.
Homepage 10.20.2008

bikers in Chicago

Thaler’s Nudge gets global attention

Politicians here and abroad embrace idea about how to influence behavior.
Homepage 10.06.2008

Richard Thaler

September Homepage Features

Artists who defied convention

University of Chicago Department of Visual Arts exhibition reveals little-known South Side scene that reflects the times
Homepage 09.15.2008

dova exhibit Fall 08

Music, Movies, and the Mind

University of Chicago PhD student David Bashwiner's mind-expanding score reaches the big screen
Homepage 09.01.2008

University of Chicago PhD student David Bashwiner's mind-expanding score reaches the big screen.

August Homepage Features

On a mission for Burma

Cristina Moon, AB’ 05, began as a student activist. Now she dedicates her career to the plight of the Burmese people.
Homepage 08.18.2008

Cristina Moon, AB’ 05, began as a student activist. Now she dedicates her career to the plight of the Burmese people.

A 3,000-year-old patient

Radiologists and Egyptologists team up to analyze Meresamun, a nearly 3,000 year-old-Egyptian mummy
Homepage 08.04.2008

Meresamun slides through the CT scanner

Battling economic inequality in the classroom

Professor Ricardo Paes de Barros gives students tools to tackle poverty, social inequality, and social policy
Homepage 08.04.2008

Brazilian scholar Ricardo Paes de Barros, PhD’87 and Tinker Visiting Professor in the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS), presented real-world examples of economic change and social policy in Brazil to students at the Harris School of Public Polic

July Homepage Features

Views of art, self on ‘other’ side of globe

University of Chicago undergraduates travel to Spain to see masterpieces, and themselves, in a different context.
Homepage 07.14.2008

ca. 1656 ---  by Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez --- Image by © The Gallery Collection/Corbis

A $20 million gift, a new agenda in science

Bill Eckhardt, MS '70, has donated $20 million to build new fields of scientific expertise.
Homepage 07.14.2008

Supercomputer simulation of an exploding star by the Center for Astrophysical Thermonuclear Flashes.

Citizenship for sale?

The University of Chicago Nobel laureate Gary Becker proposes putting a price tag on immigration.
Homepage 07.07.2008

crowd and American flag

June Homepage Features

Two new learning centers to open in the ‘heart’ of campus

The historic Harper Memorial Library and Stuart Hall reading rooms will be transformed into vibrant learning centers.
Homepage 06.23.2008

Harper Reading Room

Organ and carillon reunite at Rockefeller

University of Chicago’s carillonneur and organist enjoy a special place in history.
Homepage 06.02.2008

Wylie Crawford

May Homepage Features

The Social Life of Forests

An unprecedented conference brings 30 scholars to Chicago to rethink the way humans and the world interact.
Homepage 05.27.2008

Sir Peter Crane

Art historian takes a road trip to renew her spirit

Erin Hogan, AM’91, PhD’99, drove 3,000 miles, solo, to view the massive land art of the West.
Homepage 05.26.2008

Erin Hogan, AM’91, PhD’99, drove 3,000 miles, solo, to view the massive land art of the West.

New institute honors leading 20th-century economist

The University of Chicago established the Milton Friedman Institute to honor the contributions of the famed scholar.
Homepage 05.19.2008

Milton Friedman

April Homepage Features

Sudhir Venkatesh: Not your average sociologist

Sudhir Venkatesh, AM'92, PhD'97, chronicles the lives of those whose livelihoods are off the books.
Homepage 04.28.2008

Sudhir Venkatesh

Going viral with a new music search engine Songza

A website developed by University of Chicago alumnus Aza Raskin, AB’05, allows users to listen to music for free.
Homepage 04.21.2008

Aza Raskin

Paleontologist adds to fossil record, a notable prize

Rebecca Terry was awarded the 2007 Alfred Sherwood Romer Prize from the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology.
Homepage 04.14.2008

Rebecca Terry

March Homepage Features

Neil Shubin: Tracing fins to limbs

Neil Shubin continues to unlock the secrets of life’s formerly blurry transition from sea to land.
Homepage 03.31.2008

Neil Shubin

Maroons leave a 100-year baseball legacy

100 years ago, Chicago brought baseball to Waseda University in Japan. On March 21, the Maroons flew in for a rematch.
Homepage 03.24.2008

waseda vs. Chicago

Can cable TV raise the status of women?

Is there a role for TV in improving the status of women in India? Yes, said Emily Oster
Homepage 03.07.2008

February Homepage Features

The Economic Case for Early Education

Heckman argues that investing in early education offers the most cost-effective path to a whole range of social benefits
Homepage 02.18.2008

Tomorrow with Alex Beinstein

This second-year College student hosts his own radio program
Homepage 02.18.2008

Alex Beinstein

Chicago Assyrian Dictionary: The Final Chapter

Martha Roth discusses the final volume of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary, a comprehensive lexicon of ancient Akkadian
Homepage 02.18.2008

Martha Roth

Seeds of Change

Vivek Taparia, AB’03, chronicles his experiences raising women in India above the poverty line through microfinancing
Homepage 02.18.2008

Vivek Taparia, AB’03

Sloan Digital Sky Survey Changes the Face of Astronomy

272 stars gave their lives for the photo spread on cosmic explosions that graced the March 2007 National Geographic
Homepage 02.18.2008

cosmic explosions

Bringing Health Care to the Neighborhood

UChicago Comer Children's Hospital Mobile Healthcare Van is connecting the South Side with much-needed pediatricians
Homepage 02.18.2008

January Homepage Features

The Origins of the Scherer Center

A master’s thesis created the University’s first center devoted to the United States
Homepage 01.01.2008

Karla Scherer