Features Archive: 2012

December Homepage Features

China connections inspire humanities faculty

Scholars visiting the Center in Beijing cultivate collaborations in fields from Jewish studies to music theory
Homepage 12.31.2012

Guests view Xu Weixin’s realist paintings of miners at exhibit.

House traditions nurture community

Unifying rituals in College’s 38 houses range from broomball to polar bear plunges
Homepage 12.17.2012

UChicago students perform sun salutations at the lakefront.

How the first chain reaction changed science

Legacy of 1942 breakthrough on campus includes advances in many fields
Homepage 12.10.2012

Henry Moore’s “Nuclear Energy” sculpture

November Homepage Features

New center kindles the future of energy

Energy Department awards $120 million to Argonne-led team for energy storage innovation
Homepage 11.30.2012

Argonne National Laboratory's Battery Post-Test Facility

Nate Silver finds his next frontier

College alumnus looks beyond politics to a science of prediction
Homepage 11.19.2012

UChicago alumus Nate Silver

New business ventures harness students’ ideas

University expands creative efforts to foster entrepreneurial careers
Homepage 11.12.2012

Sonia Chokshi and Patrick Ip of Kip Solutions

Exploring the sources of musical creativity

Three esteemed UChicago composers describe the work and wonder of inspiration
Homepage 11.05.2012

Sheet music of UChicago Prof. Augusta Read Thomas

October Homepage Features

UChicago Promise eases path to college

Major new initiative for students from Chicago includes no-loan pledge, admissions academy
Homepage 10.29.2012

Vision for molecular engineering takes shape

New Institute for Molecular Engineering charts future with eminent founding faculty members.
Homepage 10.18.2012

Nuclear memory

Digital engagement reshapes politics

Cathy Cohen’s research on black youth finds an easing of the “digital divide.”
Homepage 10.15.2012

smart phones with american flags

Artistic life flourishes in Logan Center for the Arts

Logan Launch Festival showcases innovative facility as a citywide arts hub.
Homepage 10.01.2012

Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts

September Homepage Features

Class of 2016 begins a new journey

With accomplished students from 40 nations, members of incoming class look to pursue diverse interests.
Homepage 09.26.2012

Jordan Smith and Nate Brooks

Landmark initiative reimagines humanistic inquiry

Neubauer Collegium, supported by $26.5 million gift, to promote collaboration on big questions.
Homepage 09.25.2012

Two students studying in Harper Memorial Library

Leading the quest to crack cosmological mysteries

Kavli Institute directs national collaboration on deepest questions of dark energy, dark matter, and cosmic inflation.
Homepage 09.20.2012

Gravitational lensing image

Solving the puzzle of early learning

Research brings practical lessons on how children learn math and spatial concepts.
Homepage 09.18.2012

A child assembles a jigsaw puzzle

Dialogue on climate change broadens legal views

In true Chicago fashion, authors of [em]Climate Change Justice[/em] invited their best critics to the Law School.
Homepage 09.12.2012

A ranger examines a drought-cracked landscape

Quest for Higgs boson enters new phase

UChicago scientists helped lead the search for the crucial particle. After the LHC’s discovery, what’s next?
Homepage 09.04.2012


August Homepage Features

Simple gestures transform students’ lives

Research confirms College belief: Even one helpful talk with a professor can create profound change.
Homepage 08.27.2012

andrew abbott and christopher takacs

Rare Chinese texts spark collaboration

UChicago scholars and library curators lead effort to share preservation expertise with counterparts in China.
Homepage 08.20.2012

Xing jun ji xiang yi tu

UChicago Charter School builds upon early lessons

Charter school’s remarkable success began with what Marvin Hoffman learned in founding the school’s first campus.
Homepage 08.13.2012

Sleep research reveals keys to health

For nearly a century, UChicago scientists have explored sleep and sleeplessness, discovering links to chronic disease.
Homepage 08.06.2012

sleeping girl

July Homepage Features

Historic comics conference breaks new ground

Legendary cartoonists join scholars to explore young field of study.
Homepage 07.30.2012

art spiegelman sketch

Creative essay challenge inspires College community

Applicants take on tradition of unusual essay questions created by current students and alumni.
Homepage 07.23.2012

student studying in Mansueto

‘Color Jam’ brightens downtown Chicago

Jessica Stockholder takes on her biggest canvas yet, a public art project that captures city-dwellers’ imagination.
Homepage 07.16.2012

downtown Chicago

After war, classroom offers a new outlook

Three veterans trade military service for graduate studies in the humanities.
Homepage 07.09.2012


June Homepage Features

Law students help free wrongfully convicted inmates

Exoneration Project engages law students in vital cases, representing prisoners convicted on flawed evidence.
Homepage 06.18.2012

James Harden (center) walks with members of his legal team

How fairy tales lost their magic

Renaissance scholar Armando Maggi calls for a new kind of happily ever after.
Homepage 06.11.2012


Teaching award winners share joy of discovery

Through awards for teaching at all levels, UChicago shows commitment to recognizing and developing teaching excellence.
Homepage 06.04.2012

cathy cohen

May Homepage Features

Louis Wasserman boosts innovation in programming

After leading computing competitions with flair, fourth-year looks to new challenges at Google
Homepage 05.28.2012

uchicago alumnus louis wasserman, AB'12

Moneythink leads movement for financial literacy

Growing from College group to national network, Moneythink helps urban high school students manage finances and pursue d
Homepage 05.21.2012

Ted Gonder (left) speaks with students from Gary Comer College Prep.

Angels in America strengthens artistic collaborations

Production inspires creative connections among UChicago scholars, Court Theatre, playwright Tony Kushner.
Homepage 05.14.2012

Joe Pitt (Geoff Packard) begs his wife Harper (Heidi Kettenring) to pray with him, as she pleads with him to face his homosexuality and the end of their marriage.

Finding new insights with experimental economics

John List leads new field with studies ranging from educational incentives to the origins of discrimination.
Homepage 05.07.2012

John List with students

April Homepage Features

Smart Museum feasts on the art of the meal

Creative exhibition, Feast, hosts artists who serve up food, drink, and contemplation.
Homepage 04.30.2012

Ronald Coase still stirs debate at 101

With a new book on China’s economy, Nobel laureate maintains flair for unconventional ideas.
Homepage 04.23.2012

Research charts path to sustainable cities

Students use economic and environmental expertise to help Chicago restaurants go green.
Homepage 04.16.2012

Maheswari Govindaraju (left to right), Alex Murray, Helen Cameron, and Andrew Stevens

UChicago’s Tuskegee Airmen led in war and peace

Pioneers such as John Rogers Sr., JD’48, found success after leading World War II squadron
Homepage 04.09.2012

John Rogers Sr.

Resident Masters promote students’ intellectual lives

UChicago’s widely admired system gives senior faculty members leading roles in residence halls.
Homepage 04.02.2012

faculty and student

March Homepage Features

New Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts enriches creativity

‘Preview period’ for landmark arts center starts this week, with more than 40 events in coming months.
Homepage 03.26.2012

logan rendering

Alumni share great ideas — for free

Inspired by a democratic approach to higher learning, alumni empower new audiences with innovative courses.
Homepage 03.12.2012

kids playing

Bacterial frontier could yield future cures

UChicago scientists find untapped potential in the “microbiome” of bacteria inside the human body.
Homepage 03.05.2012

e coli

February Homepage Features

Taylor Simpson: Artist, pre-med, all-American

A multi-talented leader on the undefeated women’s basketball team, Simpson aspires to become a surgeon.
Homepage 02.27.2012

Justice Scalia returns for spirited dialogue

Back at the Law School where he once taught, Justice Scalia argues for the value of originalism.
Homepage 02.20.2012

Invisible Man world premiere brings classic to life

Scholarly connections aid adaptation of former UChicago professor Ralph Ellison’s landmark novel.
Homepage 02.06.2012

invisible man

January Homepage Features

Influential Law School journal critiques Court

Often-cited Supreme Court Review builds on storied history with editors Geoffrey Stone, Dennis Hutchinson, and David Strauss.
Homepage 01.30.2012

University creates new Institute of Politics

Alumnus David Axelrod, AB’76, to lead programs intended to harness students’ passion for careers in public service.
Homepage 01.19.2012

The University's International House Assembly Hall is filled to capacity on Thursday, Jan. 19 for the panel discussion, "2012: The Path to the Presidency."

When King made history at UChicago

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. gave three 'glorious' speeches on campus between 1956 and 1966
Homepage 01.09.2012


SSA strengthens historic role in child welfare

New faculty members and innovative research promote healthy families.
Homepage 01.03.2012

Grace Seol Bechle, A.M. Candidate, 2012 and a third grader from North Kenwood-Oakland Campus.