Features Archive: 2013

December Homepage Features

Core combines timeless courses and fresh ideas

Years of faculty discussion help update storied curriculum
Homepage 12.23.2013

Prof. Jan Goldstein leads a  History class in Harper Memorial Library

Rockefeller fosters sense of community

Historic chapel serves as spiritual, intellectual home
Homepage 12.16.2013

The stained glass rose window, called the cinquefoil, over the reredos, or back, of Rockefeller Memorial Chapel.

What makes Nobel speeches endure

UChicago laureates Fama and Hansen join tradition of lectures that speak to history
Homepage 12.09.2013

The 2013 Nobel Prize Laureates in Economic Sciences from left: UChicago's Eugene F. Fama; Lars Peter Hansen; and Robert J. Shiller

NORC tracks Americans’ changing views

After 40 years, General Social Survey finds complex opinions on sex, politics, and more
Homepage 12.03.2013

Downtown Chicago commuters make their way across the Madison Street bridge.

November Homepage Features

Environmental research inspires new Rhodes Scholar

Fourth-year Samuel Greene plans to study renewable energy and climate change at Oxford
Homepage 11.25.2013

UChicago student Samuel Greene, Rhodes Scholarship winner

Scholars probe interface between arts and science

ArtslScience Initiative links divergent disciplines in novel collaborations
Homepage 11.18.2013

Francisco Castillo Trigueros, left, PhD candidate in Music, and Josiah P Zayner, PhD candidate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Graduate students take on policy challenges in Gary

Urban leaders guide students studying city's problems, new solutions
Homepage 11.11.2013

Harris School alum Jocelyn Hare works with Eric Baxter collect data for a land parcel survey in Gary, Ind.

Nobel panel celebrates work’s impact

UChicago community gathers to discuss research of laureates Fama, Hansen
Homepage 11.06.2013

Panelists from left: John Cochrane; Tobias Moskowitz; Gary Becker; Lars Peter Hansen; Eugene F. Fama; John Heaton; and James Heckman.

October Homepage Features

UChicago announces new Center in Delhi

India site to expand global engagement, building upon tradition of scholarly collaboration
Homepage 10.28.2013

Panorama view of skyline at Rajiv Chowk

New innovation hub uses discovery to fuel Chicago startups

Chicago Innovation Exchange to open on 53rd Street, sparking business and product creation
Homepage 10.11.2013

Chicago skyline and a portion of the University of Chicago campus, viewed from the roof of 6045 S. Kenwood Ave.,

Transforming lives through foster care

Davida Williams, AM'82, devotes career to helping foster families overcome trauma
Homepage 10.07.2013

With her 14-year-old great-nephew, Henry Krause, Davida Williams plays Movin’ On, a board game she created to help children in group homes learn life skills.

Nobel awarded to Fama and Hansen

Professors cited for groundbreaking economics research
Homepage 10.06.2013

UChicago scholars Eugene Fama and Lars Peter Hansen

September Homepage Features

UChicago Promise benefits incoming class

Wide-ranging program for students from Chicago makes impact on impressive Class of 2017
Homepage 09.30.2013

From left: UChicago Promise first year students Kayla Moore, from Morgan Park High School; Sara Kuse, from Northside College Prep; and Warren Mui, from Kenwood Academy, with the city skyline reflected behind them in "Cloud Gate," also known as The Bean, a

UChicago community welcomes incoming students

Orientation Week features celebration and tradition for Class of 2017
Homepage 09.22.2013

First-year students gather for a Class of 2017 portrait on North Field.

Seminary Co-op deepens intellectual life

Historic bookstore finds new ways to build community
Homepage 09.16.2013

Neil Shubin, associate dean of the University of Chicago Biological Sciences Division, discusses his latest book, "The Universe Within", at the Seminary Co-op Bookstore in January,

Tackling city’s challenges with data

Fellowship allows students interested in analytics to make social impact
Homepage 09.09.2013

A portion of a data visualization of every building in Chicago, color coded by the size of each building's footprint area.

Dolphin cognition fuels discovery

Recent PhD graduate Jason Bruck took unlikely path to study dolphins’ remarkable memory
Homepage 09.03.2013

Three dolphins swim together in pursuit.

August Homepage Features

Supporting graduate students’ ambitions

UChicago investment in graduate education leads to meaningful research, successful careers
Homepage 08.26.2013

UChicago grad students from left; Andrew Langford from the Divinity School; Michael Werner from Molecular Biology; Andrea Harris Jordan studying Music; Erin Nerstad studying English; and Fabian Arzuaga studying Political Science, take a break from a teach

Hands-on science energizes students

Field work in Bahamas enriches training in biology, geology
Homepage 08.19.2013

UChicago students scuba dive by Pigeon Creek in the Bahamas

Institute of Politics builds upon successful first year

With 160 internships and speakers of all backgrounds, institute creates opportunities for students
Homepage 08.05.2013

Newt Gingrich talks with David Axelrod, director of the University of Chicago's Institute of Politics, following their political discussion at Mandel Hall in February.

July Homepage Features

University unveils new residence hall and dining commons

Studio Gang design marks a milestone for College's distinctive house system
Homepage 07.23.2013

Architectural rendering of the new UChicago residence hall and dining commons.

UChicago architecture embodies new ideas

New book traces the beauty and diversity of design on campus
Homepage 07.23.2013

Evening view of UChicago campus looking north from behind Logan Center for the Arts

Butterfly wings hold clues to evolutionary adaptation

UChicago biologists examine how genetics gives species different traits
Homepage 07.15.2013

Butterfly alights on netting in a greenhouse atop the BSLC

Mira supercomputer powers collaborations in research

Simulations probe questions ranging from molecular biology to cosmology
Homepage 07.08.2013

A colorful mesh mural covers the Mira supercomputer at Argonne National Lab

Chicago Booth scholars answer ‘The Big Question’

Video series features UChicago experts tackling pressing issues in business and economics
Homepage 07.01.2013

The view looking up at the ceiling of the Winter Garden in the Harper Center

June Homepage Features

Landmark affiliation strengthens biology scholarship

UChicago and Marine Biological Laboratory share common history, collaborative values
Homepage 06.17.2013

A view of MBL across Eel Bay in Woods Hole, Mass.

UChicago community celebrates 515th Convocation

Ceremony reflects upon past accomplishments, aspirations for future
Homepage 06.13.2013

UChicago College graduates celebrate in the rain

Honoring excellence in teaching

Awards pay tribute to inspiring teachers of undergraduates and graduate students
Homepage 06.03.2013

UChicago Teaching Award winners

May Homepage Features

South Asian culture takes center stage

Annual show celebrates cultural heritage of students from the subcontinent
Homepage 05.28.2013

UChicago students perform a lively, colorful dance during dress rehearsal for the South Asia Student Association (SASA) Spring show at Mandel Hall

Convocation unites tradition and creativity

Choosing engaging speakers from students and faculty is among UChicago’s most revered customs
Homepage 05.20.2013

Bagpipes lead procession at 503rd Convocation in 2010

Revitalized 53rd Street energizes community

Residents, businesses benefit from Hyde Park's growth as a destination for dining, shopping, and fun
Homepage 05.15.2013

Friends Bryant Mclemore-Smith, left, and Makali Robinson, holding his daughter Nila, 6-mos., along with Robinson's mother-in-law Patricia Jordan, stop to chat at 53rd Street and S. Harper in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood.

How hands do the talking

New Center for Gesture, Sign, and Language launches interdisciplinary project with Neubauer Collegium
Homepage 05.06.2013

The audience reacts to the "Flying Words Project"

April Homepage Features

Seven students in search of a play

Actors team up with top theater company to push creative boundaries
Homepage 04.29.2013

Director Evan Linder, left, from the New Colony, rehearses with TAPS students clockwise at the table from Linder: Bobby Huggins, stage manager; Martin So; James Fleming; Scarlett Kim; Zev Hurwich, and Ayode'le' Jolibois.

Forging a new field of social neuroscience

Pioneering work by Profs. John Cacioppo and Jean Decety explains interplay of biology and social lives
Homepage 04.22.2013

UChicago doctoral student Aaron Ball shows how a high-density EEG net is worn during a demonstration.

Fragile knots untangle deep physics questions

Idea for innovative research began with musing about smoke rings
Homepage 04.15.2013

A ribbon-like vortex rises from a hydrofoil in a large water tank

Indian artists call for harmony

Art collective’s work promoting artistic freedom inspires Smart Museum exhibition
Homepage 04.08.2013

Patrons view "The Sahmat Collective: Art and Activism in India since 1989" on display at the Smart Museum of Art

Boyer champions College’s values

After 20 years as dean, John Boyer still mines College’s traditions to chart a vibrant future
Homepage 04.01.2013

John W. Boyer, Dean of the College, overlooks the Cathey Learning Center in Harper Memorial Library

March Homepage Features

Arts Incubator connects with community

Washington Park facility creates collaborative space for South Side artists
Homepage 03.25.2013

Photographer and artist-in-residence Cecil McDonald Jr., gives a tour of his work space at the newly-opened Arts Incubator

Turning computer models into reality

Prof. Heinrich Jaeger's lab uses 3D printing to test complex qualities of shapes made via computer
Homepage 03.18.2013

Granular materials

Auburn returns to Hyde Park for ‘Proof’

Court Theatre production brings David Auburn, AB’91, back to his acclaimed play’s roots
Homepage 03.11.2013

David Auburn in Hyde Park scene

Student’s vision brings sight to world’s poor

Janice Guzon’s nonprofit collects used eyeglasses to change lives worldwide
Homepage 03.04.2013

Janice Guzon with dozens of pairs of used eye glasses collected at St Isidore Church Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013, in Bloomingdale, Ill.

February Homepage Features

Exploring ‘Love and Friendship in Hamlet’

Prof. David Bevington explains Shakespeare’s move from romantic comedy to doomed love
Homepage 02.25.2013

Etching print of William Shakespeare

Hunt for distant planets intensifies

Armed with new tools, UChicago astronomers search for worlds like Earth
Homepage 02.18.2013

This artistic rendering depicts Kepler-11, which has six stars in tight orbit around it.

Chicago Studies makes city a classroom

Innovative program helps students pursue research about Chicago
Homepage 02.11.2013

Masters candidate Kat Lea, right, interviews Leya Nunwan, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo,

January Homepage Features

Demotic Dictionary unveils culture of ancient Egypt

Four-decade project deepens knowledge of ancient life and links to modern languages
Homepage 01.28.2013

A portion of the text on a marriage annuity

Law School clinic defends those in need

Trailblazing Federal Criminal Justice Clinic enables law students to help low-income clients in federal cases
Homepage 01.22.2013

Alison Siegler leads her Federal Criminal Justice clinic, with clinic fellow Erica Zunkel, right.

Benjamin Mays found a voice for civil rights

UChicago alumnus, mentor to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., was movement’s intellectual conscience
Homepage 01.13.2013

Historic photo of Benjamin Mays

Center for Care and Discovery puts focus on patients

Adaptable design helps new hospital offer emerging technology and treatments
Homepage 01.07.2013

The new Center for Care and Discovery