Features Archive: 2014

December Homepage Features

‘I had to learn to play that organ’

World-renowned instrument at Rockefeller Chapel inspires College student’s music studies
Homepage 12.22.2014

The façade pipes of the Great Organ Diapasons. E.M. Skinner Opus 634 in Rockefeller Memorial Chapel.

New opportunities strengthen UChicago-MBL ties

Tissue engineering program, student internships deepen historic affiliation
Homepage 12.09.2014

Small fish in tanks at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass.

Poet creates personal art

Critic and scholar Maureen McLane, PhD’97, insists that 'poetry isn’t like vitamins'
Homepage 12.01.2014

Poet Maureen McLane, PhD’97, in New York's Washington Park

November Homepage Features

Marshall scholar to study energy and human rights

Fourth-year Hope Bretscher’s research seeks sustainable, renewable energy for developing world
Homepage 11.24.2014

Marshall Scholarship winner and UChicago fourth-year student Hope Bretscher

Social links extend healthy years

UChicago researchers lead nation’s most comprehensive study on health and aging
Homepage 11.17.2014

UChicago Dr. William Dale with patient Carl Foxx of Portage, Ind.

A close-up with a comet

UChicago instrument helps comet lander study building blocks of life
Homepage 11.10.2014

One of Philae’s possible landing sites from 30 kilometers out

October Homepage Features

Campaign supports inquiry and impact

University launches campaign’s public phase with nationwide events, new website
Homepage 10.30.2014

UChicago students make their way through Hull Court on campus.

Honoring the life and work of Gary Becker

Celebration assesses intellectual legacy of historic social scientist
Homepage 10.27.2014

Gary S. Becker, AM’53, PhD’55, teaches at the blackboard

A lifetime championing civil rights

South Side activist and educator Timuel Black, AM’54, continues to inspire at age 95
Homepage 10.20.2014

UChicago alumnus Timuel Black

Rescuing endangered native languages

Linguist Lenore Grenoble says language loss threatens global cultural legacies
Homepage 10.13.2014

Evenki.dancers perform

A commitment to financial aid and career support

No Barriers initiative ends student loans for undergraduates; College enhances Odyssey Scholarships
Homepage 10.01.2014

First year UChicago student Nushrat Jahan with her parents Reshma Begum, left, and Abdus Sarker, right.

September Homepage Features

New students exude UChicago pride

College first-years find inspiration in campus community
Homepage 09.29.2014

Incoming UChicago students from left: Higinio Vazquez; Jaeda Branch; Shelby Spence; Luke Clohisy out by 31st Street Beach

UChicago community welcomes Class of 2018

Orientation Week introduces incoming undergraduate, graduate students to College traditions
Homepage 09.22.2014

Hugo Sonnenschein, president emeritus and the Adam Smith Distinguished Service Professor of Economics, delivers the Colloquia in the Green Room at Hitchcock Hall.

Massive hunter prowled water’s edge

UChicago collaboration rediscovers African dinosaur Spinosaurus, 9 feet longer than T. rex
Homepage 09.11.2014

Flesh model of Spinosaurus

Center in Paris celebrates first decade

Anniversary events highlight UChicago’s growing global engagement
Homepage 09.03.2014

The Metro passes over Pont de Bercy near the University of Chicago's Center in Paris along the River Seine.

August Homepage Features

Learning through play

Game Changer Chicago studies how immersive games can enhance learning
Homepage 08.25.2014

Game Changer Chicago board game

Combining math and music

Leaders in disparate fields explain what unites them
Homepage 08.18.2014

Eugenia Chen, a visiting senior lecturer

Remembering ‘Freedom Summer’

UChicago alumni recount the transformative events of 1964
Homepage 08.11.2014

Freedom Summer

Student’s maps illuminate urban policy

Influential blog by Chicago Harris grad student Daniel Kay Hertz explores his passion for cities
Homepage 08.05.2014

Chicago Harris student Daniel Kay Hertz under the "L" tracks at Lake St. and Ashland Ave.

July Homepage Features

Study abroad creates scenes of discovery

College students share cultural adventures through photo, video, and essay contests
Homepage 07.07.2014

UChicago student picture from Cinque Terre, Italy

June Homepage Features

Neuroscience seeks sense of touch

Asst. Prof. Sliman Bensmaia's research fuels goal of touch-sensitive prosthetics
Homepage 06.30.2014

Robotic hand shakes human hand

Philosopher challenges conventional study of mind

Jesse Prinz, PhD’97, skeptical of biological accounts of human emotions, morals, and culture
Homepage 06.30.2014

UChicago's Jesse Prinz, PhD’97, a distinguished professor of philosophy at the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

Convocation affirms common bonds

Prof. Kerwin Charles says 'a particular habit of mind' unites graduates
Homepage 06.14.2014

SSA graduates celebrate as they are introduced during Convocation.

Exploring the sources of musical creativity

Three esteemed UChicago composers describe the work and wonder of inspiration
Homepage 06.09.2014

Sheet music of UChicago Prof. Augusta Read Thomas

Teaching and inspiring undergraduates

College honors excellent teaching with Quantrell Awards
Homepage 06.09.2014

Building lifelong links with graduate students

Five faculty members honored for excellence in teaching, mentoring
Homepage 06.09.2014

UChicago Prof. Leora Auslander

Microsoft CEO honed business skills at Booth

Satya Nadella, MBA’97, quickly makes mark amid shifting tech landscape
Homepage 06.02.2014

Chicago Booth alum Satya Nadella

May Homepage Features

Innovation generates enterprises

Chicago Innovation Exchange is building a startup 'ecosystem' on city's South Side
Homepage 05.22.2014

Maryellen L. Giger, Ph.D.,and John Flavin, executive director of the Chicago Innovation Exchange, at the Quantitative Insights office in the Polsky Institute

Anthropologist explores humanity’s first steps

Prof. Russell Tuttle’s new book explains how human, ape evolution diverged
Homepage 05.12.2014

Laetoli footprints

Studs Terkel, everyman storyteller

'Let's Get Working' festival, May 9-11, honors UChicago alumnus Terkel as populist intellectual
Homepage 05.05.2014

A strip of four fun portraits of author Studs Terkel by photographer Nancy Crampton © 2005.

April Homepage Features

Divinity School dean stokes discourse on religion

Margaret Mitchell, AM’82, PhD’89, pushes students, colleagues to find deeper meaning in texts
Homepage 04.28.2014

Margaret Mitchell, dean of the University of Chicago Divinity School, teaches class at Swift Hall.

Four Truman Scholars make history

Surprise reception honors elated winners with public service aspirations
Homepage 04.16.2014

From left UChicago's Harry S. Truman Scholarship winners: Yusef Al-Jarani; Ava Benezra; Andrea Haidar; and Erin Simpson in Cathey Learning Center of the Harper Memorial Library.

‘Your Inner Fish’ takes to the screen

Prof. Neil Shubin explains adventure of evolution to audience of millions
Homepage 04.07.2014

Neil Shubin feeds a squirrel monkey on his shoulder at the Monkey Jungle in Miami, Florida. Shubin is host of YOUR INNER FISH, which premieres on PBS April 9, 2014, at 10 PM (check local listings).

March Homepage Features

UChicago celebrates opening of Center in Delhi

U.S. ambassador joins ribbon-cutting, highlighting weekend of scholarship and ceremony
Homepage 03.26.2014

Raghuram Rajan leads a Presidential Forum at the Taj Palace Hotel, as the University of Chicago Center in Delhi opens this weekend.

Astrophysicists target mystery of powerful particles

Prof. Angela Olinto continues UChicago leadership in cosmic ray research with space station telescope
Homepage 03.18.2014

This is the most detailed image of particle jets erupting from a supermassive black hole in the nearby galaxy of Centaurus A

Preserving Afghanistan’s cultural heritage

Oriental Institute works with National Museum of Afghanistan to catalog priceless artifacts
Homepage 03.10.2014

Damaged relics at Afghan National Museum

Student earns national mathematics award

Sarah Peluse embraces UChicago math tradition of mentoring, friendships, and excellence
Homepage 03.03.2014

Sarah Peluse, a UChicago mathematics student at work in Eckhart Hall.

February Homepage Features

$25 million grant to support Laboratory Schools arts hall

Mellody Hobson and George Lucas honor iconic African American artist Gordon Parks
Homepage 02.26.2014

Lab School

Crime Lab makes impact for Chicago youth

New $1 million MacArthur award supports evidence-based efforts to reduce violence
Homepage 02.20.2014

Match tutor Miriam Kamya works with a student at Edwin G. Foreman High School in Chicago.

‘Envisioning China’ highlights sweeping influence of Chinese opera

Traditional, contemporary arts and culture of China represented in five-month festival
Homepage 02.10.2014

Chinese, Qing Dynasty (1644–1911), Mask Designs for Court Opera Characters, ca. 1746–95, Album leaves, ink, and color on paper. © The Field Museum, Photographer John Weinstein.

Press thrives on scholarly collaboration

Nation’s largest university press brings Chicago ideas to the world
Homepage 02.03.2014

UChicago Press book titles

January Homepage Features

NBA welcomes Law alum as commissioner

Adam Silver, JD'88, whose tenure begins Feb. 1, hailed as 'one of the great guys in sports'
Homepage 01.27.2014

NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver addresses the crowd at the conclusion of the 2011 NBA Draft in Newark, New Jersey

MLK legacy guides today’s leaders

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick discusses MLK on love and public policy
Homepage 01.13.2014

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, a South Side native, delivers the keynote address at the University of Chicago’s Martin Luther King Celebration in Rockefeller Memorial Chapel.

Student chronicles Iraq’s intellectual crisis

Second-year Matthew Schweitzer studies how violence ushered in decline of country’s universities
Homepage 01.06.2014

Second year student Matthew Schweitzer shown by reliefs of Assyrian artwork at the Oriental Institute.