Center for Population Economics

The Center for Population Economics (CPE) specializes in the development of longitudinal life-cycle and historical environmental data sets to study economic, demographic, and epidemiological processes. These include trends in chronic disease, mortality, and labor force participation, as well as the relationship between early-life disease and environmental conditions and later-life disease and mortality. CPE data resources are used to study life-cycle and intergenerational factors in the secular decline in morbidity and mortality, improvements in the standard of living over time, changing patterns in geographic mobility, and changing patterns in the intergenerational transmission of wealth. The CPE places emphasis on making its resources useful to investigators from disciplines such as microeconomics, economic history, political science, sociology, psychology, and demography, among others. Finally, it develops digital and other tools to facilitate the retrieval of data from archival sources, and to clean and manipulate the data for analyses.

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