Center for Studies in Criminal Justice

The Center for Studies in Criminal Justice, established in 1965 under a grant from the Ford Foundation, is concerned with enlarging knowledge of behavior defined as criminal and with studying the operation of the agencies of criminal justice and other agencies of social control. The Center maintains close working relations with other disciplines in the behavioral sciences relevant to the prevention and treatment of crime. Research projects have included an analysis of the operation of deterrent processes in the criminal law; the relationship of weapons to homicide rates and gun-control measures; several aspects of the administration of justice in juvenile and family courts; various prison studies; a field experiment testing effects of pretrial settlement conferences; a criminal justice textbook; and two ongoing series, Studies in Crime and Justice and Crime and Justice: An Annual Review of Research. The Center hosted the Chicago Colloquium on Criminal Justice Winter and Spring of 2002 and a Conference on Faith-Based Initiatives and Urban Policy on March 29-30, 2001.

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