Center for Systems Biology of Oxygen Sensing

Given the remarkable advances and the translational potential, in 2007, the Center for Systems Biology of O2 Sensing was created within the Section of Emergency Medicine in the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago. Dr. Nanduri R. Prabhakar, a world expert on various aspects of O2 biology serves as the Director. The overarching goals of the Center are to foster interactions between basic and clinical scientists with common research interests in O2 Biology and to develop outstanding scientific and training program(s) with translational impact. The ongoing research of core as well as collaborating faculty falls under the following broad categories: (i) O2 sensing, utilization, and deficiency; (ii) remodeling of organ function in hypoxia, hyperoxia, and ischemia-reperfusion, and (iii) biology of ROS. A wide repertoire of experimental approaches including whole animal to organ function, to isolation of mitochondria, to gene transfer applications, to identification of the signaling pathways, to the study of ROS, to optimization and out-comes analysis of supplemental O2 therapies are being employed.

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