Argonne’s top performers recognized

13 Argonne National Laboratory employees were honored with awards for distinguished performance, outstanding service, education and safety achievements at ceremony held on July 14, 2011 at Argonne.

Introductory remarks and award presentations were given by Eric Isaacs, director of Argonne, Donald Levy, University of Chicago vice president for Research and for National Laboratories, Joanna Livengood, manager of the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne Site Office, and James Porter, Argonne Board member and chief engineer and vice president - Engineering and Operations (Retired), E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co. Inc.

The UChicago Argonne, LLC Board of Governors for Argonne National Laboratory presented Distinguished Performance Awards to:

  • Ali Erdemir, Argonne distinguished fellow, Energy Systems Division
  • Aymeric Rousseau, systems analysis engineer, Energy Systems Division
  • Elena Shevchenko, nanoscientist, Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM)
  • David Tiede, senior chemist, Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division.

Distinguished Performance Awards recognize outstanding scientific or technical achievements, or a distinguished record of achievement of select Argonne employees.

Outstanding Service Awards, the highest honor the university gives to Argonne employees in support positions, were presented to:

  • James Feigl, Jr., assistant to the ALD, Computer Environment & Life Sciences Directorate
  • David Gartman, program initiatives manager, Environment, Safety, Health and Quality Assurance Division
  • Joseph Gregar, principal scientific glass blower specialist, Physical Sciences and Engineering
  • James Lang, principal ES&H/QA specialist, APS Accelerator Systems Division.

Each Distinguished Performance and Outstanding Service winner received an award and a check for $3,500.

The Argonne National Laboratory Director’s Award for Outstanding Safety Leadership was presented to Gregory K. Krumdick, principal systems engineer, Energy Systems Division, and Joseph H. Kilar, electrical safety engineer, Environment Safety and Quality Assurance Division. This award recognizes laboratory leaders who, in an exceptional and exemplary way, embody the principles of integrated safety management, contribute to a positive safety culture, demonstrate a commitment to excellence in workplace safety and successfully address critical challenges and vulnerabilities in safety.

The Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) building team, consisting of dedicated professionals from the Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) and Advanced Photon Source Engineering divisions (AES), and the Vehicle Systems & Fuel Section (ES) – Vehicle Testing Lab Working Group both received the Director’s Team Award for Outstanding Safety Performance. The award is given to a team of laboratory employees who embody the principles of integrated safety management and directly contribute to the creation and sustenance of a positive safety culture and a commitment to excellence in workplace safety.

SPM Team members are:

  • Stuart B. Feinberg (CNM)
  • Brandon L. Fisher (CNM)
  • Joseph S. Gregar (CNM)
  • Nathan P. Guisinger (CNM)
  • Jeffrey R. Guest (CNM)
  • Marvin Kirshenbaum (AES)
  • Richard E. Janik (AES)
  • Amanda Petford-Long (CNM)
  • Catherine M. Riblon (CNM)
  • John F. Sidarous (AES)
  • Andrew Stevens (AES)
  • Bruce Stockmeier (CNM)
  • Ronald L. Tollner (CNM)
  • William A. Wesolowski (AES)

ES Team members are:

  • Geoffrey L. Amann (ES)
  • David M. Bell (ES)
  • Daniel J. Bocci (ES)
  • Michael R. Kern (ES)
  • Henning R. A. Lohse-Busch (ES)
  • David A. Shimcoski (ES)

The Pinnacle of Education Award, recognizing employees for their leadership in science through the Division of Educational Programs, was presented to Giselle Sandi-Tapia, Chemical Sciences and Engineering, and the Department of Educational Programs (DEP) Learning Center Team members Deon Ettinger, Kathleen Greenawalt, David Kupperman, and Patricia Zriny.