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Research News

UChicago scientists receive honors from Simons Foundation, American Chemical Society

September 27, 2016—The Simons Foundation and the American Chemical Society have honored a quartet of faculty members in the Physical Sciences Division.

Collaboration seeks to enhance accelerator technology, lower costs

September 26, 2016—The University of Chicago is part of a collaboration that has been awarded $23 million by the National Science Foundation to increase the intensity of beams of charged particles, while lowering the costs of key accelerator technologies.

Solar system could have evolved from poorly mixed elemental soup

September 23, 2016—Planetary scientists have long believed that the Earth formed from planetary objects similar to meteorites. A decade ago, perplexing new measurements challenged that assumption by showing that the Earth and its supposed “building blocks” actually contain significantly different isotopic compositions.

Nanoparticle drug cocktail could help treat lethal cancers

September 19, 2016—Cancer treatments that mobilize the body’s immune system to fight the disease have generated a lot of excitement in the past few years. One promising form of immunotherapy called checkpoint blockade has had some striking successes, but the therapy has almost no effect on some of the most lethal kinds of tumors. Now a group of scientists from the University of Chicago has developed a way to spur checkpoint blockade into more potent action.

Manipulation of liquid crystals could help control drug-delivery process

September 12, 2016—Liquid crystals are strange substances—they can flow like a liquid, but have the orderly molecular structure of a crystalline solid. And that internal structure can be changed by small cues from outside.