With a commitment to free and open inquiry, our scholars take an interdisciplinary approach to research that spans arts to engineering, medicine to education. Their work transforms the way we understand the world, advancing fields of study, and often creating new ones. Generating new knowledge for the benefit of present and future generations, UChicago research has had an impact around the globe, leading to such breakthroughs as discovering the link between cancer and genetics, establishing revolutionary theories of economics, and developing tools to produce reliably excellent urban schooling.

Research News

Faculty members receive named, distinguished service professorships

December 27, 2018—Fifteen faculty members received named professorships or were appointed distinguished service professors.

Two UChicago scientists elected AAAS fellows

December 26, 2018—Faculty honored for ‘distinguished contributions’ to neuroscience, understanding of solar system

Joy of giving lasts longer than the joy of getting

December 24, 2018—Assoc. Prof. Ed O’Brien finds people's happiness doesn't decline, or declines slowly, when giving gifts to others.

Scientists build flashlights to peek inside the ‘garbage disposal’ of cells

December 19, 2018—UChicago researchers use DNA nanomachines to discover subgroups of lysosomes

Why sharing a plate leads to better negotiation outcomes

December 18, 2018—Prof. Ayelet Fishbach finds when business negotiators share a plate, they collaborate better and reach deals faster.