Committee on Academic Fraud

Year indicates term end date.

Christopher Berry, Chair 2023, Harris School

Rob Chaskin, 2023, Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice

Andrew Chien, 2024, Computer Science

Christopher Faraone, 2025, Classics

Jane Dailey, 2024, History

Giulia Galli, 2024, PME

Reid Hastie, 2025, Booth School of Business

Barbara Kee, 2025, Pathology

Genevieve Lakier, 2025, Law

Roberto Lang, 2025, Medicine

Paul Alivisatos, President, ex officio

Ka Yee Lee, Provost, ex officio

Daniel Abebe, Vice Provost, ex officio


Please direct questions or updates to Tamara L. Smith,