Disciplinary Committee on Disruptive Conduct

Year indicates term end date.

Clifford Ando, Chair, 2023, Classics

Todd Dupont, Chair, 2022, Computer Science

Marsha Rosner, Chair, 2022, Ben May

Matthew Boyle, 2024, Philosophy 

Kevin Chapman, 2022, Law School student

George Constantinides, 2024, Chicago Booth

Lucy Godley, 2024, Medicine

Nicholas Hatsopoulos, 2024, Organismal Biology and Anatomy

John Huizinga, 2023, Chicago Booth

Daniel Margoliash, 2022, Organismal Biology

Peggy Mason, 2022, Neurobiology

Clifton Ragsdale, 2023, Neurobiology

Mary Silber, 2024, Statistics

Shmuel Weinberger, 2022, Mathematics


Please direct questions or updates to Tamara L. Smith, tls1@uchicago.edu