Fields Medal

Fields Medals are given every four years to the most distinguished mathematicians age 40 or under. In the absence of a Nobel Prize in mathematics, they are regarded as the highest professional honor a mathematician can attain. Canadian mathematician J. C. Fields donated funds establishing the medals and they were first awarded in 1936.

Field Medalists

  • man smiling

    Ngô Bao Châu

    Professor, Mathematics Department, 2010

    • okounkov smiling

      Andrei Okounkov

      L.E. Dickson Instructor, Mathematics Department, 1996–99

      • Lions face

        Pierre-Louis Lions

        Visiting Professor, 2014–present

        • Zelmanov face

          Efim Zelmanov

          Mathematics Department, 1994–95

          • Thompson face

            John Griggs Thompson

            PhD, Mathematics, 1959 Mathematics Department, 1962–68

            • Hörmander face

              Lars Hörmander

              Visitor, Mathematics Department, Winter and Spring Quarters, 1956

              • Cohen smiling

                Paul Joseph Cohen

                PhD, Mathematics, 1958

                • Smale face

                  Stephen Smale

                  Instructor, Department of Mathematics, 1956–58 Professor, Department of Mathematics and TTI, 2004–present

                  • Drinfeld face

                    Vladimir Drinfeld

                    Harry Pratt Judson Distinguished Service Professor in Mathematics, 1999–present

                    • fefferman face

                      Charles Louis Fefferman

                      Mathematics Department, 1970–73