Pulitzer Prizes

One of the nation’s most prestigious honors, the Pulitzer Prize has been awarded by Columbia University since 1917. Named after Hungarian-American journalist and newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer, the awards are based on the recommendations of a board of jurors for Journalism, Letters, Music and Drama. Prizes for Jouralism include Investigative Reporting, Explanatory Writing, Commentary, as well as National and International Reporting. Prizes for Letters include Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, Biography or Autobiography, and History.

Pulitzer Prize Winners

  • phoenix badge

    Bernadotte E. Schmitt

    Andrew MacLeish Distinguished Service Professorship of Modern History, 1925–46

    • Staples

      Brent Staples

      AM’76, PhD’82

      • Stephens smiling

        Bret Stephens


        • Sagan smiling

          Carl Sagan

          AB’54, SB’55, SM’56, PhD’60

          • Gilbert turning a page

            Daniel Gilbert


            • phoenix badge

              Daniel Hertzberg


              • Boorstin posing

                Daniel J. Boorstin

                Professor in History, 1944–64; Preston and Sterling Morton Distinguished Service Professor, 1964–69

                • Auburn smiling

                  David Auburn


                  • phoenix badge

                    David S. Broder

                    AB’47, AM’51; Washington Post

                    • phoenix badge

                      George Crumb

                      • Franklin smiling

                        John Hope Franklin

                        Professor in History, 1964–69; Chairman, Department of History, 1967–70; John Matthews Manly Distinguished Service Professor, 1969–82

                        • Graham face

                          Katharine Graham


                          • Strand smiling

                            Mark Strand

                            Professor in the Committee on Social Thought, 1998–present

                            • Majok smiling

                              Martyna Majok


                              • phoenix badge

                                Michael Aronson


                                • Placeholder Image

                                  Mitchell Jackson

                                  Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing, 2019-2021

                                  • Roth face

                                    Philip Roth


                                    • Atkinson smiling

                                      Rick Atkinson


                                      • phoenix badge

                                        Roger Ebert

                                        X’70; Lecturer at Graham School

                                        • Bellow posing

                                          Saul Bellow

                                          X’39; Raymond W. and Martha Hilpert Gruner Distinguished Service Professor in the Committee on Social Thought and the Department of English, 1962–93; Chairman of the Committee on Social Thought, 1970–76

                                          • phoenix badge

                                            Sebastian de Grazia

                                            AB’44, PhD’48

                                            • phoenix badge

                                              Seymour M. Hersh

                                              AB’58; Dispatch News Service, Washington, D.C.

                                              • Ran smiling seated with book

                                                Shulamit Ran

                                                William H. Colvin Professor of Music, 1973–present

                                                • Terkel wearing hat

                                                  Studs Terkel

                                                  PhB’32, JD’34

                                                  • Wilder face

                                                    Thornton Wilder

                                                    Lecturer, 1930–37

                                                    • Jess looking away

                                                      Tyehimba Jess