Staying safe around campus

Get around campus safely

Walk in groups when possible. Use UGo Daytime and Nightride shuttles. Do not walk while using your cell phone or wearing headphones. Be aware of the “blue light” emergency phones on and near campus. Request a safety escort by calling UCPD (773.702.8181).

Keep your belongings safe

Don’t leave your property unattended. Keep valuables out of sight. Lock your room or office when you leave. Lock your bike to a bike rack using a U-Lock on the frame and front tire. Register your bike and laptop with UCPD by calling 773.702.6008.

Be alert and aware

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Report suspicious or potentially criminal activities to UCPD (773.702.8181).

Additional information and resources

  • This video provides an overview of the safety resources available to UChicago students. The safety of people on campus and in the surrounding community is a paramount priority for the University of Chicago. In this video you’ll find an overview of the robust safety resources available to you, as well as tips for staying safe in the city. 

  • More than 100 emergency “blue light” stations around campus are outfitted with security technology including security cameras and call stations that connect directly to the UCPD dispatch center.

  • The UGo NightRide Shuttle routes cover the campus core as well as the Hyde Park neighborhood with shuttles that leave every 15-30 minutes. Riders can access a shuttle within one to two blocks of nearly every building on campus.

  • Members of the University community can call 773.702.8181 to request a safety escort at any time within the UCPD’s patrol area. The first available patrol or security officer will be sent to escort you to your destination.

  • To request a safety presentation for your group, organization, or department, contact the UCPD’s Community Relations Unit at 773.702.6008 or

  • The system in which University officials provide notifications and informational updates to enrollees prior to, during, or after an emergency.