Staying safe where you live and work

Staying safe in your home

Get to know your neighbors. Keep bushes and shrubs well-trimmed near your residence (or ask your landlord or property manager to do so). Maintain adequate exterior lighting. Use strong locks and solid doors with no glass panes near the locks; re-key the locks when you move in. Secure your windows. Have your house key in hand as you approach your home. Avoid riding a residential elevator alone with a stranger. Be cautious about letting strangers “tailgate” when you enter your building’s secured lobby or vestibule. Report suspicious or potentially criminal activity.

Stay safe when you park your vehicle

As you approach your vehicle, have your car key in hand and put your phone away. Be aware of those around you; if at night, have someone walk you to your car. Park in a well-lit, visible area that is close to your destination. Don’t leave valuables or visible packages in your vehicle. Lock your car once inside; enable auto-lock feature if available. Avoid sitting in a parked car for extended periods, particularly if you are using your phone or are otherwise distracted.

Responding to an attack in a public space

Safety experts have studied the most effective responses to an attack affecting a crowded or public space. In such a situation, it’s safest to focus on the strategy of “run-hide-fight.” Run – Escape the situation. Hide – If escaping isn’t an option, barricade access to your space, hide, silence your devices, and stay as quiet as possible. Fight – As a last resort, and only if the above two strategies fail, aggressively defend yourself against the offender(s) creating the threatening situation.

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Additional information and resources

  • DSS offers two programs – UC-RAD (a program of realistic, self-defense tactics and techniques) and S.A.F.E (a two-hour educational awareness, crime, and victim prevention program). 

  • The UCPD offers free home/apartment security inspections for members of the University community living off-campus within the UCPD patrol area.

  • The lobby at the UCPD headquarters can be used as a Safe Zone where anyone buying or purchasing items online or through social media channels can pay for the goods in a safe location.